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At Rajah Travel Online (this "Website"), we value the confidentiality of the information you submit to us. We provide this Privacy Policy for you to be notified of the information we collect and how we keep them confidential. By visiting this Website, you agree to authorize Rajah Travel to store and use your information as described herein.

The captions or headings provided in this Privacy Policy are strictly for the purpose of convenience and are not intended to limit the type or use of the information described under the particular caption or heading.

What Information Is Collected
You need to provide us with certain personal information ("Personal Information") for you to avail the services of Rajah Travel Online which include or relate to the following:

  • User Information: Your name, telephone or mobile number, postal address, e-mail address, employer and log-in password.
  • Billing Information: Cardholder name, credit card number, expiry date.
  • Travel Itinerary
    1. Travel Details: Origin, destination, departure/arrival dates and times, class of travel and frequent flyer program
    2. Accommodation Details: Dates of stay, number of guests and room preferences.
    3. Tour Packages: Tour operator, land transfers, car rentals and cruises.
    4. Travel Companion: We need to know the identity and basic information about the person who is included in the travel itinerary. You warrant that all travel companions gave their consent for you to provide us with their respective personal information.
  • Cookies and Technology: Cookies, IP address, web browser, referring sites, web access and social media provider.

You may choose not to divulge all of the foregoing (e.g. keep your employer secret or turn off your cookies settings) and still enjoy the services of Rajah Travel Online. However, some basic information like your true identity and contact details are required.

You voluntarily provide us the aforementioned information for us to complete your travel itinerary.

Please check your web browser settings and the Privacy Policy of social networking sites to manage the information that we may be able to access via Cookies and Technology.

Why We Collect Your Personal Information
We need your User Information for identification and communication purposes.

Sensitive Billing Information shall only be used to process your payment. Your Travel Itinerary is used for the general purpose of completing your travel booking request made through this Website.

Information obtained via Cookies and Technologies enables Rajah Travel to customize your browsing experience for you to enjoy our services better, to offer specialized advertising and to notify you about special offers or rewards program that may be of interest to you.

We also use your Personal Information for maintenance and improvement of this Website, to prevent unlawful activities and to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Who Can See Your Personal Information

  • User Access
    You can enroll in a My Profile account to better avail of our services which you can readily access, modify or delete. After you delete your My Profile account, you will not be able to access it again. However, you can open a new account at any time. Once you delete your My Profile account, we may retain certain information for statistical purposes but these information cannot reveal your identity.

    You can choose not to enroll a My Profile account and still avail of our services. In case you decide not to enroll a My Profile account, your Travel Itinerary shall be sent to you via the e-mail address you provided us.

    You may also open a Gift Registry account accessible by other Users by supplying the unique account name assigned to your account. You can add or remove the items contained in you Gift Registry account which will remain open for a specified period. Your Gift Registry account will no longer be accessible by other Users upon the expiration of the Gift Registry period. We do not automatically delete your Gift Registry account after the expiration of its period and you may still access it at any time. You may also delete your Gift Registry account at any time. Once deleted, we may retain certain statistical information of your Gift Registry account but these information cannot reveal your identity.

  • Rajah Travel Online
    Officers and employees of Rajah Travel Online will generally not be able to view your User Information and Travel Itinerary unless authorized by the specific user who made the travel booking or a travel companion.

    However, Rajah Travel Online is authorized to view your Personal Information to investigate and take action regarding suspected unlawful activities, to protect the rights of Rajah Travel Online and its customers.

  • Our Suppliers, Third-Party Vendors and Advertisers
    Our suppliers such as airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines and tour providers will need your Travel Itinerary to complete your travel booking. All services provided by suppliers are clearly indicated as such. We only share information that we deem our suppliers will need to complete the particular service you have arranged with a specific supplier. This may include your identity and contact information.

    Some aspects of your travel bookings are performed on our behalf by third-party vendors such as credit card processers and website providers. We also share with our third-party vendors only the information that we deem necessary for them to perform the services they are tasked to accomplish.

    We encourage you to review the privacy policies of our suppliers and third-party vendors as Rajah Travel does not limit their use or disclosure of the information we share with them.

    We may also share aggregate information with advertisers and investors. Aggregate information do not relate to your personal information. Examples of aggregate information are the number of visits this Website received and top travel destinations searched using this Website.

  • Court Orders and Law Enforcement Agencies
    Rajah Travel Online abides by court orders, search warrants, subpoenas and other legal processes. Even in the absence of a search warrant or other court orders, we may be also required under Philippine laws to disclose certain information to police and other law enforcement agencies.

    We may raise legal defenses to challenge the validity of these legal issuances and enforcement actions to prevent the disclosure of your information. However, we are not charged to raise legal objections and we have the discretion to waive our rights.

  • Referring website and Cookie-based exchanges
    We may share some information about you with the referring website that led you to this Website. This Website may share cookie-based information to customize the content and advertisements provided to you on this website and on other sites across the Internet.
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