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Best places to visit in Philippines

When you are on an island, diving underwater is your first instinct. Especially if there are beautiful corals underneath. Listed on UNESCO's heritage site list, this natural park comprises of some great underwater species and colorful corals. The reef expands to 181 km and is a major spot for marine biodiversity. Green Sea Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins and 360 coral species are some common sightings in these seas. So dive in !

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Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines. Apart from its rich and colorful history, Cebu is known for so many things — the guitars, the food, the churches, the Taoist temple, the nightlife, and a lot more. Getting to Cebu is very easy because of the numerous flights from Manila and other Philippine and international airports. Cebu has an international airport so it’s easy to get to this place. It also has ports where passenger vessels bring people to and from any part of the archipelago.

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A must-see in Cebu is the Magellan’s Cross, the one erected by the Spaniards during their arrival. Magellan’s Cross is called as such because it is the original wooden cross that Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan planted when he arrived in Cebu. Because of the effects of time, weather and other external factors, it could not be avoided that the wooden cross would be subject to wear and tear. To preserve this historic landmark, the original cross was cast with wooden planks.This landmark is relevant to the Filipinos because it signified the locals’ conversion to Christianity. Because of the arrival of the Spaniards, the Philippines has become a significant mover in the Christian faith. In fact, the country remains to be the only Catholic nation in Asia.

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The old Sto. Nino cathedral, which houses the old relic of Santo Nino, said to be the original statue given by the Spaniards to the Cebuana queen. Locals and believers from other towns, islands and countries flock to the Cathedral to visit the Sto, Niño which is also a miraculous one. During its feast day, usually celebrated with a Sinulog Festival every first month of the year, people would paint themselves black to symbolize the early Filipino aborigines, known as Negritos or Aetas. A figure of the child Jesus is paraded in the main streets of Cebu hyped with some street dancing.

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Sto. Domingo is a town in Albay named after its patron Saint Dominic of Guzman. This scenic town is known for its black sand beaches and the grandeur of the view of the Albay Gulf. Although Sto. Domingo is only a small town, it is a place that has been wonderfully planned. The Cathedral sits at the heart of the town and surrounding it are the public market, the public plaza and the school.

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Albay is not a usual tourist destination. Located at the Bicol peninsula, about 460 km or 287 miles south of capital Manila, there are so many things that remain undiscovered in Albay. Albay came from the word Albaybay which meant “by the bay”. The first thing people picture when in Albay is the cone-shaped Mayon volcano which remains to be a beauty whether it’s in its active or dormant mode.

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Cagsawa Ruins today is reminiscent of a church that once gave refuge to people from the wrath of the Mayon Volcano. To date, only the church bell tower was left which now becomes a popular foreground in many Mayon pictures. Tourists now flock at the ruins to personally view the majestic Mayon and Cagsawa. Large rocks are also scattered at Cagsawa. They are evidence of the fury that Mayon once displayed. The National Museum there preserves the life of people before the Mayon eruption in the 19th century.

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If you are the type who wants some time alone for yourself, you can take a long trip to Caramoan in Camarines Sur. Caramoan became famous when the French franchise of the Survivor TV series filmed one of its seasons here. Despite its shot to fame, life in this town is still laid-back and slow.

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Dapitan is known to be the place of exile of the Filipino national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. There’s no debate why he chose this serene city. There are beautiful beaches, with Dakak as the most famous private resort located in the area. It has a cove that provides a bit of privacy and various amenities to keep guests entertained and relaxed.

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